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I have just purchased an orchid from a street stall. Problem is don't know what type it is so don't know how to care for it. Can someone please help?




This is a Phalaenopsis or also known as "moth orchid." They are fairly easy and very rewarding with long bloom cycles. They are epiphytes. They take their moisture directly from the air and don't want their roots buried in soil like the typical houseplant. If you just mist the roots once a week with a spray bottle, they will be happy. Here is a link for more detailed care. That's a very nice plant, you picked a good one.

7 Dec, 2016's hard to tell from this angle. A view of the leaf-bearing stems would clinch it, but I think that it is an xVandaenopsis hybrid. My understanding is that these orchids are grown by the hundreds in the Singapore area for the cut flower trade.

7 Dec, 2016


Tugbrethl may be correct but they are both closely related. If you'd like to know a little more about orchids and how they grow in nature, you can check out my blog on the New York Orchid Show. Here is the link:

7 Dec, 2016


Sorry, Bathgate! I was still writing and researching when you posted, apparently! :)
You are likely correct, but the leaves seem somewhat stiff, erect, and on taller and more numerous stems than the straight Phalaenopsis that I am familiar with, so I thought that it was worth checking. xVandaenopsis need more light, heat, and pot space than straight Phalaenopsis, and grow taller, on bamboo-like stems.

7 Dec, 2016


No problem, when I went to the orchid show, I've seen hundreds of cultivars and hybrids so I'm not 100% certain which one this is, but I know they are closely related and would thrive under the same conditions.

7 Dec, 2016


Yep, considerable overlap between their tolerance ranges.

7 Dec, 2016


Well they're growing in the right conditions. Singapore is very hot and humid where they thrive.

7 Dec, 2016


Don't think that all orchids love heat, though! Phalaenopsis likes moderate temperatures--one of it's features that make them among the best houseplants of the orchids. Miltonias, Odontoglossums, and Cymbidiums all like fairly cool conditions, and may be difficult to grow in the tropics, unless at high elevations. I never met an orchid that didn't like humidity, though!

8 Dec, 2016

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