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Hi Everyone. I have been away for 2months in Spain, just got back a couple of days ago, Pond Lily has got enormous & I was wondering if I should take it out, is there anyone that can advise me in what to do please. :o))



I'd leave it now as it will be dyeing down. if you want to split it then do it in the spring when you can see the growing points on the rhizomes. Just cut the rhizome into pieces with at least one growing point per piece. depends on how much you want in the pond.

7 Dec, 2016


Meanwhile, think of potential recipients. Some kinds can be prolific.

8 Dec, 2016


Thanks for the info
I was wondering if I should take the lily pad leaves off? x

9 Dec, 2016


I would wait until they start to turn yellow and brown--probably won't be long, now.

10 Dec, 2016


No leave them on until they turn yellow, then they will pull off easily at the rhizome

10 Dec, 2016


Thank You Seaburngirl :o))

15 Dec, 2016

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