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I have moved house and have this in my new garden, its a horrible shrub/tree in the rear garden, when I cut it ouses yellow/green sap can anyone identify for me please, I have snipped off a branch, is it easy to get grid of ?

thank you




Looks like a Pyracantha to me but difficult to tell without seeing a photo of the whole shrub. If you don't like it simply dig it out including all the roots.

12 Dec, 2016


Is it still oozing sap at this time of year? Agree a photo of the whole shrub would help with identification.

12 Dec, 2016


It's not a Pyracantha--the thorn structure isn't right. Right now, I'm thinking a barberry, maybe Berberis vulgaris?

12 Dec, 2016


Those thorns in 3's do make it a Berberis.

12 Dec, 2016


The yellow sap made me think of Berberis as the ones we have all leak yellow sap when cut.

12 Dec, 2016


Sorry, forgot that Berberis have rather large thorns too! You're right...

12 Dec, 2016


Re getting rid of it, get yourself some good thorn proof gloves. Then the easiest way would be to cut it down, removing the branches first, leaving a stump a couple of feet high with no branches (or thorns!) Then its a matter of digging round it, sawing off the roots and using the stump as a lever to work it loose and pull it out. (Not speaking from theory, we have done it) Dig out as many of the big roots as you have energy for afterwards, but they will rot down eventually if you feel this is too much..
Have fun!

13 Dec, 2016

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