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does anybody know why Leopard Plants are not available at nurseries in S.A. (Farfugium Japonicum or Ligularia Tussilaginea)



SA? Your location appears to be USA, but SA usually means South Africa?

12 Dec, 2016


Maybe southern Alabama, Arkansas, or Arizona? It's not a common abbreviation for any of those, though, to the best of my knowledge.
For those three--and probably for most of South Africa, too--it may be that the winters aren't cold enough to supply the necessary chilling. In my area, southern Arizona, it's also to hot in the summer for it! That also may apply to many areas of South Africa.
If you can tell us what city, or what state and county you garden in, Teo, we could probably advise you on a substitute.

12 Dec, 2016


Hmm...I just had a thought: maybe S. A. stands for San Antonio, Texas? Well, wherever you live, Teo, welcome to Grows on You! We welcome your feedback.

17 Dec, 2016

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