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Hi, I have this mature Laburnham tree in my garden and I would like to know when would be the best time to crop it back and how much can I crop it back ?
I have also photographed the trunk of the tree and would like to know if it has some kind of disease as its splitting at the bark? Do I crop it or should I chop the whole tree down as it's dying?

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You have a couple of weeks left to prune otherwise the cuts you make the sap will "bleed" I would rather take out a few branches and do the same next year ... rather than do a massive hit.

I would also remove the ivy.

How old is the tree ? as they are short lived compared to other ornamental trees , why it has split is hard to say but I do know older trees I have seen have had the same problem....

If the tree is in danger of falling , yes it needs to be taken out


17 Dec, 2016


Check the base and entire trunks of the tree, particularly towards the lower parts - you're looking for soft areas, bracket fungus, or anything that looks like it might be, or have been, weeping. Lean or push on it, hard, in various places, to see how stable it is. If you're still unsure, find a reputable Tree Surgeon to come out and assess the tree for safety.

17 Dec, 2016

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