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I have a plant about 1 meter tall with pinkish stems and cluster of flowers on it. The flowers grow into little plumlike green fruits. Not sure what it is. I thought it was tomarillo that I grow but I don't think it is.

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Pokeweed, Phytolaca species.

20 Dec, 2016


yes I'd go with Pokeweed too.
welcome to GoY too.

20 Dec, 2016


And all parts are toxic. Pull it up and dispose of it safely.

20 Dec, 2016


if you like it then it will be ok in the garden but it seeds freely. but yes it is toxic so handle with care.

20 Dec, 2016


So toxic that Americans seek it out in Spring to eat the new young growth.

20 Dec, 2016


Dont think I'll try that!!!

21 Dec, 2016


I did not like the taste. Spinach is my least favourite veg and it tastes like that.

22 Dec, 2016


thank you for all comments. Now I know what it is.

28 Jan, 2017

How do I say thanks?

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