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I've just received four bare root eryngiums. Do I plant horizontally or vertically . It's difficult to tell from the roots as 2 look as though they are vertical and the others have roots growing vertical from a horizontal. They are going into pots until the soil dries out a bit. Thanks



Use deep pots, preferably not too wide if you have any, and plant vertically, with the thickest end of the root at the top, but still just under the soil.

21 Dec, 2016


Thanks. I have some pots that had clematis in them so they should be deep enough. The head of the roots does have some new growth which is growing at right angles to the root. Is it ok to trim these roots if they are still too long?

21 Dec, 2016


yes, I did that with the bare rooted ones I was given.

21 Dec, 2016

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