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Help, my tree is bleeding! I trimmed some lower branches from my Red Sunset Maple tree. Now she bleeds. Is there anything I should be doing for this? I'm hoping the icy cold weather will keep the wound sterile until it heals over.

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I was going to suggest you paint it with some sort of tree sealant but after reading up on it, it is not advised to do this any more. It seems to be better to let the tree heal itself.

I hope it has stopped bleeding now. I'm surprised it bled in winter when the tree should be dormant.

22 Dec, 2016


How long ago did you trim the branches off Paul? As there are no leaves the bleeding should stop soon. has the ground recently thawed?

22 Dec, 2016


Maple syrup?

22 Dec, 2016


This sap will harden and look something like lumps of amber. Not to worry it will heal on its own.

24 Dec, 2016


Thanks everybody. I cut the branches tha same date as this post, 12/21. Though the calender says winter the sap is still runny. It bled for a couple days but eventually did stop. My inclination was to leave it alone and let nature happen. You just confirmed. Yes this will make an ok maple syrup, but I think Sugar Maple is mainly used for that,, its a finer syrup. Enjoy the holidays :)

24 Dec, 2016

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