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Golden cypress plants dying Help Needed.




Have you kept them well watered? Once the foliage goes brown it would grow back golden coloured

23 Dec, 2016


I have watered them well. i have purchased a couple of them last week and they were in a closed truck for 3 days. the temperature here is 31 C to 28 C. Only some have these problems.

23 Dec, 2016


The heat in the truck and the lack of water during that time will be what has caused the problem. Not sure there is much you can do to be honest.

23 Dec, 2016


Just noticed this member is in Kerala - so it could well have been the heat in the truck as you say MG. Jasmin, if the truck was a delivery vehicle you could complain to the supplier perhaps?

24 Dec, 2016


Yes, my experience with them is that they don't like the heat at all. In fact, they may not do well anyplace lower than 1500 meters elevation, though the coast is a possibility, if the sea breezes are cool enough.

26 Dec, 2016


I have only problem with a few. The rest are doing well.

27 Dec, 2016


Well, they probably will do reasonably well this time of year, but I would watch them closely in the months leading up to the monsoons

28 Dec, 2016

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