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Can someone tell me what this tree is please

Img_0234 Img_0235



Any more information plase? Like does it flower, if so, what are they like, what shape and size and colour are the leaves? And what are the apparently fuzzy grey things I think I can see (not sure, its impossible to see clearly) - are they like pussy willow buds or something else unrelated to the tree?

25 Dec, 2016


I was wondering if it was a magnolia of some kind.

25 Dec, 2016


Agree SBG. Magnolia with emerging flower buds with foliage to follow.

26 Dec, 2016


Hi, I would agree with Magnolia, but we will have to wait for the flowers for species, Derek.

26 Dec, 2016


Mmmm! Maybe a Hibiscus? When I zoomed in on those dead flower heads they looked like when I had mine?
I will put a spent flower head in my pics for you to look at :o)).

27 Dec, 2016

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