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my olive tree leaves turning yellow


By Ghadeer

My olive tree suffer sudden low temperature up to -7 then hafe of total 7000 tree turn yellow and dry .since we are to world year 2017 what can i do to save my olive trees.

On plant n/ o



During month of November a low temperatures up to -7 hit my olive trees total of 3000 . After 2 weeks the leave start turning yallow and dry .what should I do please.

27 Dec, 2016


Hi Ghadeer and welcome to GoY - whereabout are you on the planet?

27 Dec, 2016


-7ยบ C means light frost damage, which translates to many small frozen twigs, especially on the top and north sides of the tree. When the weather warms up again, the trees will sprout and grow like crazy to make up for the damage, but the olive crop will probably be reduced. A light fertilizing will help hasten the recovery--maybe planting a sparse crop of chickpeas over the area, and cutting the plants as soon as they bloom?

28 Dec, 2016

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