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I have austrailian bottletop plant that's started blooming in the winter and its supposed to bloom in summer I've had this plant outside for a year bow



I'm wondering if you mean 'bottlebrush' rather than bottletop - Callistemon is an Australian shrub commonly known as bottlebrush because of its red bottlebrush shaped flowers,, usually flowers around May here in London. Hopefully the flowers you have are just a few and you'll get more later - nothing you can do about it, all plants flower when they feel the time is right, even if we know it isn't!

28 Dec, 2016


It is summer Australia....:)

28 Dec, 2016


I was just going to say the same Loostrife. My daughter's just got on a flight back to Sydney and the temperature has been about 38 degrees this week.

30 Dec, 2016


I just checked my own Callistemon which is in a pot on my balcony in West London - its not flowering, but there are very distinct flower buds already formed...

31 Dec, 2016

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