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Where can I buy Nordic Brussel Sprout seed in the uk Please?



Apparently these are grown in the USA for winter harvesting, but the ordinary ones we grow in the UK are winter harvested anyway. Can you tell me what the advantage of the Nordic ones is in that case? Must confess I'd never heard of them.

29 Dec, 2016


Hi Steragram,

Sorry for delay in replying to your question but I have now had my partner taken poorly.
The reason I wanted to know where to buy Nordic brussels was because the allotment holder who is on the next plot to mine and is 81yrs old and has his plot for about 60yrs tried them this past winter and he thinks they are the best brussels he has ever tasted. After a bit of internet digging I have found out, with the help of Thompson & Morgan, that this year's imported seed was contaminated with a disease and had to be destroyed. Hopefully better luck at the end this year.
Hope This helps

21 Feb, 2017


Thank you - that's very interesting. Hope you can find some next year.

21 Feb, 2017

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