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Can I save this sucker on magnolia grandiflora? It has no roots under the 90 degree turn, just goes straight back to mother tree. Can I cut it close to root it or just need to snip it off? Thanks!




well you can try cutting it off close to the main trunk, pot it up and keep fingers crossed. remember to keep it well watered.

28 Dec, 2016


You could try layering it instead. Make a cut in the bark on the underside and peg it down so the cut is under the soil.
For more detail try this site

28 Dec, 2016


Most Magnolias are grafted so even if you do manage to root this sucker it could be 'pot luck' as to what you may end up with.

29 Dec, 2016


Yes, if it is a seedling rootstock, it may take 20 years to bloom.

30 Dec, 2016


Great advice as always! Was going to try air layering (great suggestion with the properties of the plant) but if they are typically grafted plants than buh bye! Thanks!

30 Dec, 2016


Can anybody see the graft junction? They aren't usually below the ground or am I wrong?

30 Dec, 2016


I think that I see it just an inch or two above ground level, where the trunk thickness and bark texture suddenly change. If it was sold as a named variety, it was almost certainly grafted.

31 Dec, 2016


Wow, that's a practised eye you have Tug. I thought that was just soil sticking to the bark.

31 Dec, 2016


I thought that that might be possible, too, so I'm putting more weight on the shape of the base, which is typical of grafted trees of all sorts.

31 Dec, 2016


Tug, I looked up close and indeed has a different bark texture that spot down, definitely a graft! Nice catch there on probably a 25 year old tree.

6 Jan, 2017

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