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Is this normal for tomatoes?
We planted a Genuwine tomato (lycopersicon esculentum) about 8 weeks ago and it seems very happy as it is now about 2m tall!
However, some of the fruit has this brown rough webbing like stuff on the blossom side. The fruit in the picture is actully about the size of my hand - they're massive
Does anybody know what this is? Will it effect the tomato? Should I continue to let these fruit ripen? Or are the infected with something?
(We did have a case of Grey Twisted Moth Caterpillar (Circopetes obtusata) attacking a dwarf lemon tree next to the tomato a week or so after planting the tomato. Quickly got rid of this using a pyrethrum oil spray. Unfortunately they had eaten all the flower buds on the lemon tree!)
Thanks in advance and happy new year!

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This is a physiological or environmental disorder known as catfacing, caused by the blossom remaining stuck to the fruit - more information in the link below (scroll down for catfacing). Its more common on large fruited tomatoes, and is often,but not always, a result of temperature fluctuation as fruits are forming

29 Dec, 2016

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