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Is it too late to plant hardneck garlic now?

I bought 3 bulbs from a garden fair back in late summer and I think they're meant to be French varieties; something Vallador, something with the initials 'R.D' and something beginning with 'V'. I think I chose them due to their purple/red skins. I know they need at least a couple months of low temps to encourage clove formation so I'm wondering if there's any chance of getting anything from them this summer? Due to no room in the garden (as usual) I've interplanted them amongst the perennials (I know, I know, they like their own space and sun...)

I just didn't want to waste them (growing them in pots takes too much effort IMO) so I thought I would take a chance.



well as you bought them then you have nothing to loose. as you say inter planted between others isn't ideal but you might be lucky.
if you put them in a large pot then just check for watering every now and again isn't too much effort and you'd probably get a crop from them.

22 Jan, 2017


I shall let you know how they fare in the summer when all my plants are in leaf and romping away...!

12 Feb, 2017

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