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What are good plants to plant in four planters (1'x1') just outside an apartment in the French Alps? It's southfacing. We won't be there full-time but popping back and forth throughout the year. Many thanks. Anne



Is anyone able to water them while you're not there? If not, how long a gap between visits is likely, especially during summer?

8 Jan, 2017


How are you using the vague term "planter"? That could mean a container, a small raised bed contiguous with the soil underneath, a small planting area cut into pavement, or a small area edged off from a lawn. Also, are these next to the apartment wall, or out away from structure?

9 Jan, 2017


Anne you can answer these questions as though you were making a comment, in the box underneath the last reply.

9 Jan, 2017

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