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identification please.

This plant [shrub] was in flower in Norfolk [October]. it was about 3-4ft tall, with small flowers in the leaf joints. I have trawled through my RHS book but cant find a picture to match.

Unknown_1a Unknown_1b



Curious myself!

9 Jan, 2017


now you got my hopes up when I saw there was a comment tug :o))

the flower is very similar to that of a raspberry/blackberry but there weren't any thorns on it. there wasn't anyone at the garden to ask other than a person taking money at the gate.

9 Jan, 2017


Sorry, Sbg! I tried, but although the flowers are very suggestive the rose family, I can't find one with foliage like that.

9 Jan, 2017


that's the problem I have had Tug. I think I will ask the RHS advisory service as I am a member. if I find out I will let you know.

9 Jan, 2017


Hah! Serendipity strikes! How about Rubus lineatus?

11 Jan, 2017


well done Tug, that is exactly what it is. The rhs have just confirmed it for us. I was almost there as I said blackberry and that is Rubus. :o)

11 Jan, 2017

How do I say thanks?

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