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We may move house this summer, and I will sorely miss my white Wistaria . . . would it be feasible to take cuttings??



No problem at all. Take your cuttings from green wood not the heavily barked. Six inches in length will do. Two to four leaves on each cutting is good. Pot in starter soil make a hole in the soil with a pencil. Dip the cut end in rooting hormone place in the hole and press the soil around the stem. Keep the soil slightly moist. Start doing this late spring into early summer so the ones you take with you will have rooted. Actually it is no different from cuttings you may have made from other plants which you have propagated.

13 Jan, 2017


Thanks very much Loosestrife . . . just what I need!

14 Jan, 2017


For the sake of a few quid why not buy one, a new garden, a new plant which will fill you with joy over the years knowing that this was put in when you bought the house, take cuttings if you like but you may have to wait along time for them to flower possibly not as long though as if you were growing from seed, get a good framework of growth going over the first few years, and prune correctly.

15 Jan, 2017


Thanks Julien. In fact this one was planted by me just a few years ago, and is very beautiful and precious. But I will think about what you say, and may take your advice. You are probably right!

15 Jan, 2017


Hi, I agree with Julien, if you try to take cuttings, it's highly unlikely they will be successful, plus you could have to wait a long time for flowers, I would look for a plant that has either flower buds or is flowering when you buy it, as a lot of plants sold by garden centres are duds and never flower, no matter how long you wait, also make sure you can see the graft joint to make sure it's not showing any sign of failing, Derek.

16 Jan, 2017


OK Derek, thanks. I'd completely forgotten about how some people have to wait years for their Wistaria to flower. So I'll either dig this one up (it's still quite young), or buy new.

17 Jan, 2017

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