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We have these hyacinth plants/bulbs. Will they grow outside as they are affecting my asthma when in the house and it would be a same to throw them as they lol lovely and were a gift.




this is the 3rd time I've tried to answer this

they wont like the temp change but if you don't have a porch or similar to put them in then they will have to take their chance.

planted in the garden will mean they will flower again but never with a big flower like the first time.

16 Jan, 2017


Thankyou! Will have them in the heated hallway between house and garage for now and plant out when flowers are done?

16 Jan, 2017


They will be fine if you plant out when they have finished flowering,Dan..I can't do with them in the house either,as they give me headache.. I planted mine outside three years ago..around the base of a hardy Fuchsia,as the foliage doesn't appear till the Hyacinths have finished flowering,so you can enjoy seeing them I added a little stake beside each bulb,so I could remember where they are ! also,they do tend to either get broken,as they can get top heavy,or snap in the wind...I tie a bit of garden twine about halfway up the flower head,to the stake,to keep it upright,only can't see it,among the petals,honestly ! :o)

16 Jan, 2017



16 Jan, 2017

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