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do i need to prune back salvia hot lips plant



Yes, it's a tough plant and will come back strong and full of flowers, like geraniums. Cut it back before it leafs out in the spring, plenty of sunshine, maybe freshen up the soil if it's in a pot, tomato feed is very beneficial.

Also, the cuttings will root very easily if you'd like to propagate new plants. It's a very nice plant.

18 Jan, 2017


Treat it a bit like a hardy fuchsia - remove dead parts and prune back just as signs of growth are beginning, in spring. If you want a tidier and less floppy plant, hard prune again after the first flowering in late spring is more or less over.

18 Jan, 2017


Thanks for the question Peterhale and for the answers too. I know what to do with mine now.

19 Jan, 2017

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