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is it to late to plant daffodils etc:



Well, if you've got the bulbs and haven't yet planted them better to do so now than not at all. Aside from tulips spring flowering bulbs are normally planted is September/October so that they have a chance to put down roots and start to grow. If the bulbs are still firm then, yes, go ahead and plant but whilst they may flower this yea (the bud is already there inside the bulb) they may well then take a a year or two off to recover. On the other hand if the bulbs are soft then you probably just need to put them in your recycling bin.

22 Jan, 2017


I agree with Moongrower. if you have the bulbs then nothing to loose.
If you have them growing in pots then yes pop them in when the soil isn't frozen.

22 Jan, 2017


I agree with above. It's very late in the season. I can already see little green nubs popping up just above the surface on my dafs. Plant them anyway and see what happens. You might be surprised.

22 Jan, 2017


If you're desperate for some daffodils, it is too late to plant them, as the others say, but you can buy them in pots, already growing a bit, in the garden centre. You can plant those out in the garden or into pots, carefully, preferably without disturbing the rootballs - if they're under cover at the garden centre, you'd need to harden them off first, if your down south, where we're still having very frosty nights.

23 Jan, 2017


I should have added that once the bulbs have flowered water them with half strength tomato food once a week and let the foliage die back naturally, this will help t strengthen the bulb for the following year.

23 Jan, 2017

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