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In the autumn I bought a dozen plug plants of different colours and potted them on into 3" pots. I stood them in my front porch and they are growing quite well and I'm wondering whether I should feed them and when I should plant them out. I know they are hardy but they looked very small on arrival so I decided to shelter them for the winter.



Given the frosty conditions you are having in your part of the Country at the moment,I wouldn't think of planting them out for a while yet,Penny..They should be fine in your porch,which I presume is unheated? and no,I wouldn't feed them..just keep them ticking over ,and wait for better weather.. you may feel you need to repot at some point ,if they put on a lot of new growth before planting out...

22 Jan, 2017


Thanks. Bloomer. Yes. the porch is unheated and it's pretty chilly out there. I won't feed them yet, then.

23 Jan, 2017


I agree don't plant out really until late spring. if they show roots out the bottom of the pots then move them onto the next sized pot with fresh compost.

23 Jan, 2017


Thanks Seaburngirl, that tells me that I don't need to pot on just yet.

23 Jan, 2017


Hi, they will probably want to start flowering too, but I wouldn't let them, keep pinching out the flower buds to encourage a bushier plant, when the time comes for planting out, Derek.

24 Jan, 2017


Thanks Derek, I will steel myself!


25 Jan, 2017

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