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I have 2 young sarcocca confusa( Christmas box) in the same shaded north facing border. 1 dropped all its leaves last late summer but retained the flower buds which are opening now . The other plant grew well , stayed in leaf and is also starting to flower. Is there a disease that may have caused the leaf drop? I was going to ditch the sickly one but as its flowering I might leave it but not if its diseased.




Joining this to see the replies. One of mine in a pot also dropped its leaves but the many flower buds have not opened.

23 Jan, 2017


If you didn't notice any particular symptom on the plant that dropped its leaves, its hard to say what happened to it. It's odd that it retained the flower buds - drought is the obvious explanation, especially for a young plant, but I'd have expected the flower buds to have shrivelled and dropped off too were it that.

23 Jan, 2017


Have added a photo but thanks for reply Bamboo. If anything this area is constantly moist as its in the shade of a garage and north facing. I'll leave it over the summer and see how it goes.

24 Jan, 2017

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