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I took this picture in Florida. It was a shrub, does anyone know what it is please?

Many thanks Tugbrethil, I have googled it and that is what it is. Thank you everyone.




Any more images showing the whole plant, or more of the leaves and growth habit?

23 Jan, 2017


How about Clerodendrum quadriloculare?

24 Jan, 2017


How clever are you Tugbrethil? I've never seen this plant before but on looking it up I saw some wonderful photos of it. It has some lovely names too. Winter Starburst and Fireworks. I don't suppose for a minute we could grow it here although I saw it was Verbenaceae family previously.

24 Jan, 2017


It does resemble fireworks.

24 Jan, 2017


I had a vague memory of seeing this plant for sale in our greenhouse 25 years ago, but I had to look up pictures of four genera before I hit the jackpot. "I had a photographic memory, but I ran out of film." :)

24 Jan, 2017


Welcome to the club Tug, lol, Derek.

24 Jan, 2017


No, Tug, you've plenty of film left - its the internal filing clerk that can't find it quickly, or sometimes, not at all;-))

24 Jan, 2017


Ah, that paper bag full of fading Brownie shots in the back of my mental closet! :D

25 Jan, 2017


Ha ha! could be worse,some of our mental photographs could be sepia tinted, like the ones my grandparents had

25 Jan, 2017

How do I say thanks?

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