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By Andrewr

Berkshire, England Eng

Does anyone have any experience of growing achillea 'Lucky Break'? It has pale yellow flowers and grey foliage, and was discovered by Christopher Lloyd. He also came across the celandine 'Brazen Hussey' which turned into a nightmare weed in this garden. I don't want to make the same mistake twice.

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Brazen hussy lives up to her name and the previous owners had her here. took ages to get rid.
I had the Achillea but after one season it didn't come back. having said that other Achillea only seem to last for 2-3 yrs in my garden whilst a friend has them for years and years.

25 Jan, 2017


Hi Andrew, I have grown several over the years, but like Sbg find they don't last very long, and the ones that do tend to revert to the white weedy yarrow and go on forever if your not careful, Derek.

25 Jan, 2017


Thanks for your thoughts. I've decided to cross achillea off my list.

27 Jan, 2017

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