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Rock Purslane is turning yellow, dying ..


By Arumi

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Hi! I got this plant for 3 years outdoors and it was blooming and happy, i did not change anything, but I moved to another house/city and got to transport flower in November. This winter is ruff, and i kept it inside. Firstly, it started to get new leafy (really long happy shoots), but i got to move again, and right now those new shoots started to die..It has been a couple of weeks, and this process is rapid. I believe that plant started to get vegetation indoors before time, and was disturbed. what do i do? Should i prune them now?Thise new greens were so happy(pointing up)..never wanted to cut them.. Thank you!

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Those stems are very "stretched", indicating that the plant isn't getting enough sunlight. That will make the plant grow faster for a while, but sooner or later, it will run out of stored energy, and start to die. I would water it once with a dilute sugar solution--about one tablespoon per gallon--to buy it some time, and gradually expose it to more and more light. Ideally, it will need at least four hours of direct sun a day for healthy growth, and more would improve flowering.

27 Jan, 2017


I'd prune it back and put it somewhere very cool but frost free until the weather perks up. Personally I don't think a sugar solution will do much good unless it is weak glucose. Glucose may be picked up by the root cells. but most other sugars wont pass the cell membranes.

27 Jan, 2017


In my experience, sucrose (white sugar) works on many plants, though I'll admit that I haven't tried to use it on any member of the purslane family yet.
Rock Purslane (Calandrinia spectabilis) is native to a Mediterranean climate, so it is worthwhile double checking the drainage, and the temperature in the room--it does most of its growing when the temperature is between 45º and 65º F.

27 Jan, 2017

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