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By Shedman

Notts, United Kingdom Gb

We have a Hornbeam hedge which has been pruned some time ago and most of the trees appear to be showing signs of disease. There appears to have been no protection applied against damp etc when pruned. Is there any way of rescuing them.



what signs are they showing? How long ago were they pruned? At this time of year they will be dormant. So you may be seeing a little die back on the cut stems but then growth will start in spring.
any chance of photos of the symptoms?

Sorry about the questions shedman :o)

27 Jan, 2017


There is nothing you can or should apply to a hedge to 'keep out damp' after cutting. Hornbeam is best pruned in September, but if there's a problem, I'm afraid we do need more detail as to what exactly the problem is by way of a description of the symptoms, and preferably with a photo or two showing it.

27 Jan, 2017


Hi Folks
Thanks for the replies. Sorry to leave it so long, I'll try to remember to take a camera next time I'm out there.

9 Feb, 2017

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