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Repoting Ochids

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hello, I have been given three Orchid plants by an elderly lady, when I checked them over I found that the compost is clogged up and the roots of the plants are growing through the small drainage holes, and have expanded when through of the clear plastic pot quiet a lot, now is it safe to cut the roots to get the pot off? so I can repot them into a size bigger with new Orchid compost, I have never grown Orchids before.Trevor



"Small drainage holes" indicates a plastic pot so I would cut the pot rather than the roots.

28 Jan, 2017


I agree cut the pot off and then pot into a new clear plastic pot. use a good orchid compost .

28 Jan, 2017


Agree, cut the pot, not the roots. Orchids are epiphytes. They breathe and take in nutrients directly from the air and don't want their roots buried in soil or compost. Compost is the wrong medium for orchids, I suspect that's why it's trying to escape the pot. Instead use a chunky orchid mix of tree bark, spagnum peat moss, rocks & coal bits. You can also just wrap the roots in moss, then mount it to a wooden plaque, misting the roots once a week.

Feel free to check out my orchid blog if you'd like. Here is the link;

29 Jan, 2017


Thank you all for your answers, what is the best time of the year to do the repotting.

29 Jan, 2017


The best time to repot is between bloom cycles. If it has no flowers, you can do it now.

29 Jan, 2017

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