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I treat normal moss each year with sulphate of iron and then scarifying, this keeps it in check. However I now have a moss which looks nice in the woods, spreading rapidly in my lawn. Sulphate of iron turns it black but then it grows through green, I have in desperation put weed killer on it, which killed the grass around it as well. The moss appeared to be dead but has now grown back.
I have attached a picture of the moss growing in the woods and hope you have a solution!




Have you tried a careful application of ground limestone? Most mosses prefer acid conditions, while grasses prefer neutral to slightly alkaline soil. Also, how much sun is the lawn getting? Grass needs sun, while forest moss needs partial or bright shade.

29 Jan, 2017


Yes, this is the problem with moss....if the conditions are right , they will keep coming so , its probably more a case of needing to gradually change the conditions that they enjoy. Ie, acidity, compaction etc etc

29 Jan, 2017


Applying nitrogen feed to the lawn in April, again 6 weeks later, and adding an Autumn lawn feed in September or October will help to deter moss, along with good lawn maintenance - they're not too keen on nitrogen,but as the others suggest, if the area is shady, it will be a perennial problem.

29 Jan, 2017


On 'Countryfile' yesterday there was a report on how the
barren areas of the Peak District are being relaid with thousands of Moss plants. A detailed understanding of the soil and weather conditions is necessary.
It might be a good idea to contact 'Countryfile' for the
address of these Moss experts, who may help you.

30 Jan, 2017


That's Sphagnum moss that grows on peat bogs so I hope that isn't what David has...

2 Feb, 2017


The moss pictured is most likely Haircap Moss (polytrichum) but it should be just as vulnerable to all moss treatments and management.

2 Feb, 2017

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