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Friend or Foe? I have taken notice of this plant crawling up one of my ornamental cherry trees. It is clinging to the tree on its way up by holdfasts of some sort. Does anyone know what it is? If so is it a parasite? I reside in the USA. Thank You.

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That's the climbing form of Euonymus fortunei. I would keep an eye on it. It's not harmful in moderation, but left unpruned, it has been known to strangle small trees.

29 Jan, 2017


I'd strip it off now, before it gets a stranglehold...usually forms a shrub, but will 'climb' up if its up against something vertical. It's not parasitic though.

29 Jan, 2017


Great! Many Thanks Tug and Bam for your answers. Amazing what can pop up in ones garden seemingly out of nowhere.

29 Jan, 2017

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