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I've seen some packets ?of seeds for an annual called Mexican Hats . No other name given. Can someone tell me the Latin name & if they are worth giving a try?



Ratibida columnifera, Asteraceae (Aster Family)

They are closely related to Coneflower (Echinacea) and Rudbeckia. If you can provide the same growing conditions, hot, dry, full sun, lean sandy soil (think Mexico) yes absolutely worth it. They come back better every year & a magnet for all sorts of butterflies, bees, birds. These are perennial.

Also there is the Mexican Hat Plant Bryophyllum daigremontianum. This is a succulent - Kalanchoe - Also a very nice plant.

30 Jan, 2017


Info here for the UK

30 Jan, 2017


Ratibida would need as much drainage and sun as you could give it, as Bathgate says. I would consider it a short-lived perennial, but it re-seeds itself readily. We grow it as a winter annual, here--it sprouts in fall or late winter, blooms in early summer (Apr.-May), and usually dies during the monsoon season. At least it doesn't have to face that kind of stress in the UK!

31 Jan, 2017


Thankyou all for the info. Now I know the name I've been able to look it up. I have sandy soil & sun but I didn't think it grew as tall as 3feet. I was hoping it was much shorter. However the seeds are not dear, £1.49 for a pkt, so I will try them, especially as they are good for the insects. Also called Prairie Coneflower.

31 Jan, 2017

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