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Good morning all, I have a Amarilis that flowered Christmas before last,thinking that I would repot it and bring it in and have a nice flower for this Christmas, but what I have is a healthy looking pot of tall leaves, I don't expect it to flower now but I wondered if its worth saving.
Please if anyone has any answers it would be really good to feel my love and care was rewarded



the ones I have in leaf like this often flower in April/May so it is worth keeping. :o)

31 Jan, 2017


Yes, their natural blooming time in the Central American highlands is mid to late spring. To fool them into blooming for Christmas, you have to keep them green and growing all summer, then keep them cold, dark, and dry for about 8 weeks, starting in September. It may take a little practice getting the timing right. Don't repot any more often than you have to: they bloom better when they are crowded.

31 Jan, 2017


Many thanks to you both,...... I will look forward to seeing if I can get some success, I would love to have achieved it,
thanks once again Tugbrethil and Seaburngirl

2 Feb, 2017


You might be interested in some of Balcony's blogs. He has a houseful of them and has written lots of interesting advice about keeping them and getting them to flower.

2 Feb, 2017

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