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Coloured primroses.
I was given some for indoors in January. They were already in full bloom and glorious. Now they are looking faded and sad. I would like to plant them in the garden for next year so should I pot them on now and keep them indoors? Should I feed them? Thank you.



I'd give them a feed and slowly get them used to being outside. Put them out on warmer days but bring them in on a night or put them into an unheated porch/conservatory. after about 2-3 weeks you can plant them out provided it is not frosty.

3 Feb, 2017


Don't put them outside suddenly - have you got a cool windowsill - anywhere light but frost free, to acclimatise them slowly to going outside? Then perhaps move them to a cold frame or similar or as you are in a mild spot perhaps the foot of a south facing wall (but they would appreciate a bit of shade there when the sun gets stronger.) Whether they would benefit from repotting depends on how congested the roots are. Unless they are pot bound I would leave them for now. I wouldn't feed them until they are growing again but others may advise you differently. Just keep your eye on them and give a weak feed it they start to look as though they need one.

3 Feb, 2017


Oops Seaburngirl - your reply wasn't there when I posted mine.

3 Feb, 2017


no worries we are basically saying the same thing :o)

4 Feb, 2017


Thanks Stera and Sbg, Ok, I'll put them on the warmer side of my south facing conservatory and look after them until spring has sprung---not long now i hope!

4 Feb, 2017

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