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I bought a small, low growing plant, with another of those generalised labels. Its Lonicera nitida 'Baggeson's Gold.'
Hardy patio. Selected to give winter and early spring colour to beds, borders, tubs and hanging baskets. That implies space !
Height 5ft x 5ft if unpruned. Handsome golden leaved shrub retaining its foliage all year round.
It looked so small, had that 'please take me home' look.
If I keep it trimmed, will it stay small on my Alpine Garden ? Or will it develop a huge root system ?



Not sure how well it will do if you want to keep it really small - its actually a shrub, fully hardy, that is often used for relatively low (up to 5 feet) hedging. Bit of a messy grower if not clipped over regularly.

3 Feb, 2017


Not really a rock garden shrub. It does want to grow to the size stated. We have to cut our hedge of it twice a year to keep it down to 3 feet,

3 Feb, 2017


Wouldn't recommend in an alpine garden, even if you can keep pruned the roots will continue to grow and that could lead to problems

3 Feb, 2017


Thank you Bamboo, Owdboggy and Moon Grower. I now
know to plant it further back to give it space to grow the way it wants to.

3 Feb, 2017


Diane if you want a low growing plant that has gold leaves try golden marjoram. It does die back quite lot in winter but usually retails a central clump of gold leaves.It also has lilac flowers attractive to bees and hoverflies. If you want a bit let me know. (It does spread into a wide clump but its easy to chop pieces off.) and you can use it as a culinary herb too. If you want a larger plant Euonymus fortunii Emerald'n Gold is useful shrub. It can grow slowly to several feet across if left untrimmed but is very amenable to pruning.

3 Feb, 2017


Hi, I have one it's been in many years north facing but has grown huge and as bamboo says grows messy so is high maintenance, so I would place carefully if you plant in garden, however the birds do nest in it, but I may get rid of mine this year ! :-)

8 Feb, 2017

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