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Will blind daffodils ever bloom again ?



That depends on the reason for the blindness. If they are just over crowded or planted too shallow or just plain hungry then yes they will with remedial treatment. If the blindness is caused by Narcissus root fly or a virus then no, they will just gradually disappear.

4 Feb, 2017


Thank you that's just what I wanted to know. They were large bulbs and maybe planted too shallow .

4 Feb, 2017


Let the leaves die back naturally (no tying in a knot) and feed with half strength tomato food once a week when the flowers die back.

4 Feb, 2017


To encourage you a couple of years ago half of my hundreds of daffs were blind. I sprayed them with Miracle Grow and the following year they were fine. (Used a spray on a hose because the bank the daffs are on is too steep for climbing about on)

4 Feb, 2017

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