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I wondered how I might introduce myself to the community but I don't see that option.
I've been gardening for about 7 years having moved from the city to the country. Currently I am in Zone 5a. The first thing on my mind is - what is a good wind-break?
We live in a spot where the SW wind comes roaring down one particular part of my garden close to the road, so you know we get a double-whammy first from the wind gusts and then from the road salt.
A couple of years ago I planted a row of cedars along that side. Big mistake! They got bad wind burn followed by that drought we had last summer. They look to be on life support. I really didn't want to put up a fence. I'd rather have a wind-break.
Any ideas?

Snow_falling_on_cedars Img_4820



Griselinia litteralis is hardy down to minus ten, if that's any help. Makes an excellent windbreak but maybe you have lower temps than that? I have just googled Evergreens for Zone 5 and found some suggestions if that's any help.

If you want to describe yourself and where you garden you can fill in the "about me" box on your profile page.

4 Feb, 2017


welcome to GoY from me too.

4 Feb, 2017


Consider yourself introduced, and welcome!

The major problem is the road salt, as well as hardiness, but I'd consider Hollies - Ilex meserveae is hardy in your zone and will tolerate some salt spray. Elaeagnus varieties are also worth considering - hardy to zone 2 and will tolerate some salt.

The aforementioned Griselinia, whilst salt resistant, is only hardy down to Zone 7. Bear in mind that 'salt resistant' does not mean a shrub will cope well with lots of road salt spray throughout a cold winter - for small specimens, it may even be enough to kill them, so if you could perhaps erect a temporary screen to protect them from the salt spray, at least until they're more mature, that should help. However, if the salt spray is frequent and heavy, it may be enough to cause a build up of salt in the soil there, and that would mean nothing would grow well.

4 Feb, 2017


Hi there, Erika. Hope you get as much help from this website as I have.

7 Feb, 2017

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