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Hi, I have two of these in an unheated greenhouse with one upper pane missing. Outside temperatures are 4 to 8 °C during the day and -1 to -4 °C at night. I would dearly like them to produce scent for Valentines Day, 3 days from now. should I bring them into a centrally heated room min 14°C at night and 20°C during the day.
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Well Laurence you don't say here you are on the planet but I assume it is the western hemisphere... Moving those shrubs to a centrally heated house from a cold greenhouse is not going to d other any good at all. Sorry but you'll need to allow the flowers to open up naturally and give off their scent.

11 Feb, 2017


After all the promise of delights to come can be very seductive...

11 Feb, 2017

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