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I've bought some Lupin roots from Wilko and some are sprouting white shoots topped with green growth. I seem to remember reading that these white shoots should be taken off. Is this the right thing to do?



Youe lupins are attempting to grow... yes I'd remove the new shoots but get them planted fairly quickly or put them up so that they can grow on.

11 Feb, 2017


I'd pot them then straight away burying the new shoots just under he surface. So you will have fresh growth. mine in the cold frames have new shoots visible so don't worry about them. keep them frost free if you can and in the light.

11 Feb, 2017


MG and Bamboo. As I know you are both knowledgeable gardeners yet offered different advice, I have potted some and only taken the long straggly white shoots off, leaving the short ones under the ground. The same for the ones I have put in a flower bed. I checked the weather forecasts for the next 10 days and it appears to be warming up, so hopefully no frosts. Thankyou both.

12 Feb, 2017


Thanks for this Merlin, I too have bought some and wondered the same thing.....

13 Feb, 2017

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