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Can you feed lavendula with tomorite



I wouldn't recommend it tomorite is a high potash fertiliser to help fruiting plants like tomatoes. Does work well at half strength for feeding bulbs as they die back though.

12 Feb, 2017


No. Lavender fed with high nutrient solutions is less likely to flower, it prefers nutrient poor soil. The best thing to do is either apply a layer of good composted material from your own compost, if you have it, or simply top dress with some general purpose slow release fertilizer with an NPK around 7-7-7 in Spring, then leave it alone till the following year.

12 Feb, 2017


We have a lovely patch of lavender near the front door. I never feed it and it's quite a dry spot, being under an overhang from the porch. The soil is a mix of clay and compost.

12 Feb, 2017


Patty, if you already have poor soil, like we do here, a yearly light dose of a moderately high phosphate fertilizer, such as rose food, might be beneficial. That works best west of the Pecos, and east of the Coast Ranges or Cascades, though.

13 Feb, 2017

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