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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I've just been to California and next door to my daughter's house there's this enormous tree, about 8 ft from their house and not much further from my daughter's.
Are the roots not dangerous ?




Do more damage taking it down than leaving it where it is. Soil often shrinks when trees are removed and cause subsidence where the roots were doing no harm.

14 Feb, 2017


No, Hank - palms really don't have a huge root system like ordinary trees, and rarely interfere with foundations, although, as Owdboggy says, removing them can cause disruption to hard surfaces nearby.

14 Feb, 2017


Palms are much safer than other trees in tight spots: they completely replace their root systems every few years, and the old roots don't expand the way more normal trees' do

14 Feb, 2017


Thanks guys, my daughter wasn't worried but I was a bit perturbed myself,

14 Feb, 2017

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