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Hemerocallis and Lettuces!
I want to move some Hemerocallis that were kindly sent to me by a GOY member in Summer 2009. They have flowered well this summer and have made several 'fans' of leaves. Should I let them get more established before I move them or could it be done with splitting this year?
Why, Oh why, Oh why do lettuces bolt??!! Is there anything that can be done to prevent bolting? I'm at my wits end not knowing from day to day whether or not I will have any lettuce for salads. Any ideas?



The hemerocallis will be fine to move Nariz, tough plants, I usually split mine september time, just cut the leaves back by about half when replanting.

12 Aug, 2010


Mulching, partial shade, and attentive watering all discourage bolting in lettuce, but aren't infallible. Cheer up! Your fall crop should have much less trouble!

12 Aug, 2010


Thanks guys! Glad I can move the Hemerocallis - I thought I'd planted them in the right place, but they got rather overshadowed by thuggy Sweet Williams! I plant lettuces between tomatoes which give partial shade - never thought of mulching them and they get watered when the rest of the garden does. Maybe I should be more selective? Note to self: Must do better! ;o)

13 Aug, 2010

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