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i bought a climbing rose ,it has bolted, what is the best thing to do ,--do i cut it back before planting ?



Firstly, check where it has 'bolted' from - if it has shot from below the graft (the knobbly bit where the rose was grafted onto a different rootstock) then 'tear' it off - it could be a shoot from the rootstock and you don't want that!
If not - get planting, choose your spot - put horizontal wires into the wall or fence, to tie the rose on to. If you don't do it now - you never will...
Lots of rotted manure/compost to improve the soil and give it a good start. Then look at where the shoots are and choose the ones that are easiest to lie sideways onto the wires, tie them in and cut off any that go forward or back or are in the way. As new shoots come, try and get them to tie in along your wires so you get a good balanced plant. Each year try and cut out the oldest gnarly stem, right at the base, so you will encourage new shoots and vigour. Prune back to 2 or 3 buds all the shoots that come out of your 'horizontal framework' and you should get a really good show of flowers.
And like any rose, the more compost the more flowers...

17 Feb, 2017

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