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My question is about a Wisteria at the front of our house. It was here when we arrived in 1992. It hasn't had a lot of TLC, however it bravely flowers each year. This year I would really like to start trying to train it properly around the arched entrance to the house. Could anyone kindly help suggest the best way to do this. You might see from the photo that there are branches crossing over each other. it does become very unwieldy and whips are thrown out which interrupts the way in to the front door. If I cut back now how do I do it and do I need to paint anything on the wood to avoid any rotting? - as you can tell I'm a novice gardener! Thank you




From a training rather than a pruning point of view, would be useful to see an image of the arch you want to train around and the whole of the plant in its entirety as it appears now.

Wisteria is pruned twice a year - right now (not later than another week) and around July/August - guidance for that is here complete with video.

16 Feb, 2017


Glad I 've done that today then bamboo. I will try to prune it correctly now I have the time.

16 Feb, 2017

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