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By Taurman

Cork, Ireland Ie

Morn all,
Just wondered re planting pots, what is people's experience of terra cotta versus plastic for both outdoor and greenhouse use? Apart from the aesthetics, does either carry marked advantages? I need to get some respectable pots and of course cost is also an issue as terra cotta pots used be the preserve of the better off? Where do people tend to buy, is it from garden centres or hardware stores? Thank you in advance for your thoughts.



Hi Taurman, what are you going to be planting in the pots? If the ones in the greenhouse are for seedlings and small plants to are growing on plastic is fine and buy the square ones as you can fit more on the bench. Outdoors it really is a matter of aesthetics, Bulba and I always use terracotta as we don't like the way large plastic pots looks. That said if you want to be able to move your pots around the plastic is lighter to life.

17 Feb, 2017


I find terra cotta too fragile as I have become more clumsy. Terra cotta dries out faster, so is better for bulbs that would rot if kept too wet. Just don't buy any pot that curves in at the top; it is too difficult to remove for transplanting anything in it. I think that if you really look, you can find some nice faux stone plastic pots.

17 Feb, 2017


As Wylie says, terra cotta is better for anything that likes sharp drainage and good aeration. For most other plants, I prefer stoneware, but my objections to terra cotta and plastic probably don't apply to Cork. Terra cotta and earthenware pots suffer from the crystallization of salts and lime in our water, tending to crumble after a few years. Plastic pots suffer from our high levels of ultraviolet, which causes them to fade, crack, and crumble in just a few years, too.

17 Feb, 2017


Thank you all. Hadn't thought of the stoneware, will keep it on my list.

19 Feb, 2017

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