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By Colter

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Anybody in the Dereham area of Norfolk who could advise on plants?



Hi, welcome to GoY, we have thousands of members on GoY,some just join to get answers to their questions, while others take a more pro-active role by answering questions, but questions come from all over the world, so it depends on what part of the world you're in, as to what advice you receive, although the vast majority of members are UK based, and there may well be a member near to the area you ask about, they may not feel confident enough to give advice, so you will probably not hear from them, if you could ask a new question, saying what it is you would like to know, about which plant or plants, then I'm sure you will get some answers.
We can see from your avatar, that you're in the UK, and presume from the question, that you're somewhere in the Dereham area of Norfolk, which gives enough basic information for you to get answers to your questions, Derek.

19 Feb, 2017


Thanks will try asking a different way

19 Feb, 2017


are you after suggestions of where to get plants or plants suitable for your garden?
if the later give us more information about the garden. eg which way does it face? full sun or shady? sandy or clay soil? etc. Generally many plants will grow in most places in the uk but can be happier in certain soil types.
look at neighbouring gardens to get an idea if you are acidic or alkaline soil [lots of rhododendron camellia suggest acidic soils] and for plants that you like the look of.

then ask derek says ask more questions.

welcome to GoY too :o)

19 Feb, 2017


How much space have you got, is it sunny or shady, is the soil moist of dry, light or heavy? All these factors will affect what will do well. What kind of general effect are you looking for, lots of colour, evergreens, fruit and veg.?

19 Feb, 2017


Over one acre completely open and exposed few .large old trees on the boundary, allotments one side and fields the other, neighbours next door have small enclosed garden so can't compare, looking for evergreen and wind break do have a poly tunnel for vdg

20 Feb, 2017

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