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By Colter

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

I live in the Dereham, Norfolk, Engkand area and wondered if anyone could advise on growing a rabbit proof border, full Sun, open windy position, soil very dry in summer months very open, no shade and don't have time to constantly water



Lots of suggestions on Google - good luck!

19 Feb, 2017


Dianthus and Pelargoniums seem to work the best here, as well as anything with a strong scent to the foliage.

19 Feb, 2017


We are advised that Herbs like poor soil and dry conditions.
They fight to survive by producing stronger oils and good foliage. Not Mint.

20 Feb, 2017


If you click on S in the A-Z list at the foot of this page it will take you to a list where you can choose Sand and sun plants. Click on that and photos of members plants will appear. Click on any that take your fancy and there will be some info about the plant. If you need further info either pm the person or ask another question. I am thinking in Norfolk you will have sandy soil. There is a cactus garden in Norfolk which opens/ed to the public if you can visit that or see it on the internet it might help you find something very different. The rabbits can be dealt with by installing wire netting above and below the ground. The netting needs to lie flat on the ground on the outside of your fence. There is a good blog about the rabbit problem if you click on P then pests. You will need to scroll down to find it. There are useful suggestions in the blog and also members reports of what did not work to deter rabbits in their gardens.

20 Feb, 2017


Unable yo put link aroundvtye garden as the boundaries are ditches and banks and large old trees the garden is over one acre

20 Feb, 2017


Do try Google then - very helpful on that subject. Lots of plants rabbits won't eat..

20 Feb, 2017

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