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By Solada

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Here is the flowered Fuchsia




I've read your other question where you mention this fuchsia - unfortunately, Fuchsias in pots, whether they're hardy or non hardy, are vulnerable to frost through the roots. You won't know if your fuchsia has survived until it starts showing signs of growth, usually in March but sometimes as late as mid April, depending on how cold the spring is. If it does show signs of life in April, cut it right back then, as new growth is beginning.

20 Feb, 2017


If you have no alternative to keeping it in a pot make sure you repot round about late March in new compost in a slightly bigger pot. If it has to stay outside next winter wrap the pot in bubble wrap to protect the roots from frost and keep it in as sheltered spot as you have. You can even let it get almost completely dry and keep it in a cold frost free place such as a garage or spare bedroom.

20 Feb, 2017


Hurrah...the Fuchsia now has leaves you are saying I should now cut it down,you mean all the twigs. I posted a pic of it on another question,which began.."Spring is coming"..not sure how one see the prior posts
Perhaps you can then make it clearer to me s to how to prune.
Cate (Solada)

23 Feb, 2017


Sorry Bamboo,realise now you will have seen it...not with it yet...not had my breakfast!!


23 Feb, 2017


Nope, don't cut it yet - even if growth starts showing now, it's only February, so wait till end of March beginning of April - this is in case the weather turns very cold again, because if you've cut all the top down, it makes the fuchsia more vulnerable.

23 Feb, 2017


Thank you Bamboo.

23 Feb, 2017

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