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Hi - can anyone tell me if iris reticulata repeat flowers? Can't seem to find anything online... I bought some pre-grown potted plants that were already in flower at the end of January for an indoor display and they only lasted a few days before the flowers dropped off!!

Or should I just store them away for next time? I read they start flowering in December




No repeats in my experience, but Reticulata and its kin are pretty marginal in my climate.

20 Feb, 2017


I've never heard of it repeating. Its a bulb, so it has to complete its cycle before it can flower again. It needs to die back fully and then rest through a cold spell. They dont last well indoors..too warm for them. Either plant them in your garden or keep them somewhere safe in their pot where the weather can get to them.

20 Feb, 2017


No one flowering season in the year, sorry! Would suggest that in a month or so's time you get them planted in the garden, reticulate Iris are outdoor plants.

20 Feb, 2017


If you are in a wettish area its worth keeping them in pots over the summer under cover.They dislike summer wet.

20 Feb, 2017


And plant them deeply - several inches down. If they are planted shallow, the bulbs split into smaller ones and all you will get next year are leaves.

20 Feb, 2017


Thanks a lot all for the advice! Should have bought a pack of bulbs earlier instead and got a better show!

21 Feb, 2017


Ah well, there is always this year...

21 Feb, 2017

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