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Angles trumpet, sorry dont know the proper name, Ive been told by a mate that these 2 are the same plant. ! Now my eyesight aint that bad , but surely not, I know from members that the spikey leave one is a thorn apple. Ta to all.

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The spikey one is Datura (probably D.stramonium) or thorn apple. It's an annual.
The smooth leaved one has been reclassified as Brugmansia - shrubby & woodier, and perennial. There's more info here -

12 Aug, 2010


Thanks Beattie, owe you a drink, won a fiver out of that one. X

12 Aug, 2010


LOL Don't know when I'll be visiting Kent to collect! :-)

12 Aug, 2010


They are very closely related. Rule of thumb for I.D.: Thorn Apple flowers stand up, at least at an angle, and the pod is round and spiny or bumpy. Angel's Trumpet flowers hang down, and the pod is smooth and cigar-shaped.

13 Aug, 2010

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